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  • Little Piggy's Heatwave Ice Cream Party

    Little Piggy's Heatwave Ice Cream Party

    Phew!! This heat is relentless!  While laying on the cool spot of the floor, trying to not melt away... we wondered: Does anyone else remember seeing the "Heatwave Holiday" episode of Gardield and Friends??  (NO?!  Well, check the clip below... we need to fix your childhood!)


    How about.... doing the same thing here in KC??  What if our trucks got together and had ice-cream to quench this relentless heat??  And maybe do it as a pool or beach party... well, maybe let's keep it Santa Themed... and... and.. Oh!!

    Behold! Little Piggy's Heatwave Ice Cream Party has now come to life!!!  We'll have guest appearance from Sweet Caroline's Ice Box truck bringing some of her delicious ice-cream sandwiches like her famous "Lemon Bar", the delicious "Sea Salt Chocolate Chip" and perfect "Birthday Party".   Plus! Fungal Fusion  and Wilma's will also be there serving their ice cream sandwiches!! Mmm... yum!!

    Keep posted as more trucks may join our lineup!!

    **** UPDATE!! 6.23.16

    These amazing photos are NOT stock photos!! These are the photos from Sweet Caroline's Ice Box ice creams!! 

    We got word that Red Wattle will be serving a ginger beer float with vanilla ice cream and lemon and lime sorbet!!

    AND!!! Wilma's will be having a Jude's Rum Cake, Ice Cream, Caramel Apple Jam, Grilled Peaches, Mascarpone Cookie Butter, Avocado/Serrano Crema and Crispy Fried Chicken Skin.

    My, oh my!!