• Are you guys a food-truck?

    Nope! We are a food-truck hub! We have wonderful, chef-own, food-trucks that have made their more permanent home with us at Little Piggy. Each truck is independently own.
  • Why can't I see a menu on your page?

    Given that our trucks are independently owned, each truck has their own menu and menu changes. We have listed their Facebook pages under "Our Trucks" for you to be able to get more information directly from them.
  • Do you accept credit cards? Or is it cash only?

    Our trucks do accept credit cards!! You can pay them either with your card or with cash. Each truck may have a different credit card provider so receipts may be a bit different and may accept a larger array of credit cards. If you have any questions about your bill, you should contact the truck directly.
  • Do you have set business hours?

    We are working on having set hours for our lot by organizing with our trucks into a nice flow where there will always be trucks serving whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. Each truck has their own schedule, so some may be there every day, others only two or three times a week. You can see the schedule the trucks have shared with us on our website at: http://www.littlepiggykc.com/calendar
  • I have a truck, how can I join you at the lot?

    Yay! Please send us an email at info@LittlePiggyKC.com for more information!